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For all the Noobs.. Can we geta break down of Performance parts!!!

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I want this link to be a place people can share what's out there.. I see a lot of stuff for the VT.. but not really for Koupe or 5 wagon

Some questions for the forum.

Are the Short ram and Cold Air intakes all interchangeable..

Are the hot pipe (resonator pipe upgrade) and Cold pipe parts (Bov plates and upgrades) Interchangeable..

What's the path to an ECU tune.. It seems there are a few places doing VT ecu tunes.. but only one doing the Sx tune..

Are The suspension kits, tower braces and bracing kits for the VT interchangeable

Are the break upgrade kits for the VT interchangeable

Just stuff on my mind.. and I have read the forums.. and do know the resonator pipe should be the same and the VT short shifter has been proven.. i haven heard much about the Forte sx ECU tune success path way. how about we post all of links to the shops here as well as info form the shops about what they have for us and what's coming soon.. and we should have a want thread too...
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