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So... I have been dealing with AWFUL fog light burn outs. Every 5,000 - 10,000 kms, my H11b bulbs have been burning out. They are 20$ each from Kia, or 30$ for a set (if you can find them) in a store or on amazon.

I've gotten tired of replacing them, but got to thinking, h11b and h11 bulbs have the same mounts... right?

YUP! So here is my DIY lol.

Difficulty 1-5 : 2 - Pretty basic, but requires soldering and bumper removal
Time needed : 45 mins - 1 hour

Tools needed:
10mm socket & rachet
8mm socket
Phillips screwdriver
Tiny flat blade screwdriver
Soldering iron & solder / Flux
Heat shrink
New H11 bulbs (or LED)

First up, remove the stock bumper (4 10mm bolts on top, 2x 8mm bolts in the fenders, 3 clips on each side underneath holding the splash guard to the front bumper)

Then, take the 4 phillips screws out that hold the fog light to the bumper.

Once you have the fog lights out, unscrew the cap, and remove the h11B bulb.

Now... Using your phillips screw driver, remove the 3 screws holding the plastic retaining ring in place.

Using your small flat blade screwdriver, insert it into the slot between the spade connectors and the plastic retaining mount.

Now, heres the fun part... I just cut the connector off, since I am NOT going back t H11B bulbs. You COULD use spade connectors and wrap the connection in tape, BUT, you will still have to trim the retaining ring because the H11 bulb socket will contact the mount where the spade terinal usually is.

So I cut the ends off, and trimmed the retaining ring with some pliers.

This is also the time you will need your H11 pigtails.

Strip the wire back on the H11 pigtail and the blue / grey wires from the fog light. Hook up red to blue and black to grey
********** NOTE ************ I don't have a functioning multimeter right now, and I am not 100% sure if blue is positive. I just used some common sense and the grey would be negative. I cold be wrng. Halogen lights dont care, but your LED's ay not function correctly.


After you have them soldered together and heat shrinked, its time to connect the H11 Bulb, put the H11 retaining ring back into the enclosure, put the 3 screws back in, and insert the H11 bulb, rotating it toward the old connection location (or just play with it until it locks in place)


Put the dust cover back on, reinstall the fog lights into the bumper, and put the bumper back on the car!

Now go turn the lights on and enjoy :)


**** THings to be aware of ***********
I do not know the resistor needed to run Leds YET. I am working on that. Once I know the size of resistor needed, I will likely be upgrading to LED bulbs.

Other than that, its not too bad. I am quite happy with how it turned out, and it wasn't terribly hard to do. I am hoping my H11 bulbs will last A LOT longer than the H11b... But we will see.

Thnks for reading the guide, I hope it helps!
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