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FMIC who wants one?

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I am so down for a fmic. I really need one after feeling what heatsoaking the stock one does big time to power yesterday dang! I have seen the veloster ones run from 500-800 for just the intercooler setup and then you have to buy your own BOV and they just weld what flange you need to the pipe

1 itsjustme/675 with
2 forte5
Definitely interested. This is using your previous build, or is this also with more improvements suggested from that meet you went to?
count me in - i would pay probably up to a comparable price of the veloster kits out there so anything below 800$ with BOV
My interest is high on this. Could go $600 to $700 with BOV.
$700; With.
Also interested! Would go about 550-700 w/ BOV.
550-700 with ( but depends on what kind) You and i have talked enough behind the scenes for you to know im in on this 100%
MikeyB 600-700 with - depending on what kind of BOV (prefer Synapse)
Very interested. Really wouldn't know on price. I would agree with everyone around the 600-700 mark.
Any good news on this yet?
500-600 seems ligit for custom intercooler. Seems to be the going rate on the website.
I like the sound of what is happening. Keep up the good work
I am down for a kit with no bov. I want the synapse bov
bought a New mountain bike this summer . A Trek X Caliber-8. Was really trying to make a hobby out of it since im an avid gym goer/powerlifter and i wanted more options of exercise. Bought my wife one also..Having such a busy lifestyle. (wife/3 yr old/busy job) We only took one 20 mile ride the whole summer. even since then there sitting in my room hanging on the wall.. Point of the story is fuck the damn bike, im selling that shit and buying an intercooler!!!!! LOLLOL
so it seems its adding up to be about 700$ without bov? not too bad honestly.. i'd convince the wife for that lol
Any update?
My wallet wants to know also lol
My wallet wants to know also lol
My wallet probably doesn't want to know but I sure as hell do... lol.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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