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Flywheel Weight?

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One of the things I've noticed about this drivetrain in the last three days of driving it is that it seems to be very slow at the revs returning to idle. I would imagine this has something to do with the relative weight of the flywheel or other rotating mass in the drivetrain. Do we have an overly heavy or overly light flywheel that causes this situation? In previous cars I've driven, when you let off the gas, it returns to near idle RPMs 2-3 times faster than with the T-GDI. Any input would be welcome. Thanks!
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Flywheel is super light actually! I've been complaining about the return to idle since I've had the forte.. I was told to just expect that on these newer drive by wire systems.
I was just thinking that, drive by wire, my 2006 cobalt ss was the same way, worse even....
I thinks an emissions tuning issue
Its a strategy inside the ecu to control how fast the car revs up and down, flywheel is moderately heavy at 28-32 lbs, would have to look for the exact weight.
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So, if that's the case, is that something that could be modified by a tune, perhaps?

BTW, since we're less busy over here, you'll be more likely to see this: though I didn't get to come to Atlanta to attend the tuning days (really wanted to!), I have to express my appreciation to you for travelling to the south and running the event. Further, after the accusations that went flying around on VT about how the tune caused the two A/T cars to break, I was very impressed by your response and your restraint. The last thing we need in this relatively small community (especially the Forte Turbo side) is to chase away great vendors, and I certainly hope that you recognize that there are far more many people who love what you do than are haters for no reason other than wanting to point fingers. I'm sure you've been blamed before, and I know you'll be blamed again, but from reading your tuning philosophy, what you do just makes great sense, and I for one am very grateful for somebody who "gets it".

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Well said my man! Tork handles every complaint very professional. I see a lot of vendors that will attack back but not them. I am a lifetime customer/friend to them.
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I thought I'd follow up on this a little. I was reading around on VT last night and found a link about this very thing: Clutch switch mod, always on trial

I'm assuming that we would have the same upper and lower clutch switches as the Velosters, so I'm going to try this modification to see if it helps with the clutch feel and the throttle hang. Anybody else tried it on a Forte yet?
Yeah... We got tuned
No but seriously
Some of the vt guys swear by that mod
But just as a reminder you won't have cruise function or shift indicator in the dash
I saw one guy run a toggle switch on it so when he wanted cruise control he turned it back on
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