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Welp, went in to the dealer Wednesday. Of course the CEL was still lit up Tuesday night but turned off Wednesday morning so that didn't get addressed. I was there for well over 6 hours, they ended up telling me the rattling was "definitely" because of history of bad fuel and charged me $180 for "fuel induction service" which SilverRock didn't cover since they said it was maintenance. It's still rattling, the service writer told me to let it go all the way through the next tank of gas and then it should be gone. The rattling is best heard in 4th, 5th, and 6th gear between ~1750-3000rpm. TBH I'm not holding my breath for it to stop without more work. Would it be possible for improper clutch install to create this problem? I would think I'd hear it in every gear if that was it but wanted to ask. Still haven't had a chance to get under the car to check out the dogbone; I use my BIL's garage and he's been sick so I haven't been over in a bit. CEL came back on the very next day with the same code, P2261 turbo bypass valve mechanical. UVO diag fails on startup, when run manually it says "engine control system". I welcome any advice.

PS thanks @PLP for the link. Unfortunately it demands payment, but I'll probably try signing up and if I can download stuff I'll make a new post with a magnet or download link.

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