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DIY sub forum

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I want to gauge interest in possibly having a sub forum for those that want to post up DIY threads of what they have done. I think it would be a great idea so it helps the new and current members on how to do things.

Post up your thoughts about it and if enough interest I will ask Nick if he can open a section up for us.

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Diy / install. Place all install write up in there. Or have one in each section (engine, suspension, electronics etc).

Yay is just my opinion though
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I think this forum should be full of DIY projects. With our aftermarket support still growing; now is the time for the DIY guys to shine.

One of the first things I look for on a forum is the DIY section to give me a "menu" of sorts of diy mods.
I will ask NickJ about this since there seems to be interest. I like the idea of having one also. Really neat to see write ups.
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