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Confirmed Light Socket Numbers

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Hard to come up with the right title for this one. I wanted to start a thread where we listed confirmed (by visual inspection) socket numbers for our cars. The reason for this is that it appears the Phillips reference site (Philips Bulb Look-up | 2014 KIA Forte w/Composite) is incorrect in some areas.

So, at least for my 2015 Forte5 -
Fog/Driving Lights - H11B (I ordered H8s, thanks to Philip's site. Glad Amazon has a good return policy)
Dome/Map Lights - 3175
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Are these not listed in the instruction manual? Sorry, I haven't looked :p
IIRC I think the H8s are listed in the manual as well for Fogs, the H8s are in the 2013 and earlier fortes. I think many places just copied and pasted for the new year.... Also the stock low beam is H11 but I think if you go with HIDs it is recommended to go with H11Bs, there is a write up on here with more info.
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This would be a good reference thread if we could get the specs for all the lights. I've been trying to tempt diodedynamics on-board since they had some cool upgrades for the first gen forte.
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