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hey all, just trying to get my channel out there alittle...

obviously im going to be doing primarily Forte Koup/5 stuff. there will be some optima stuff with my wife's car thrown in there too and some other random stuff like a tranny fluid change on my mother in law's CRV soon... maybe some other things too

i can guarantee that when 6th comes out with his FMIC ill be doing a video of that and then hopefully soon i can swap out my AEM intake for the 6th intake and ill be doing a video on that also and probably sooner than the FMIC ill probably sneak in a reverse block off delete when i get the money for a new shift knob and collar

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When I create a 6th Element YouTube channel I will follow/subscribe to you :)
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cool thanks.
i was able to upload 2 videos today when i stopped by my mom's house, whom has pretty good cable internet so go to my channel and check out the new videos!
Been to the channel a few times. Good learning for some people who are new to the car and would like to know a thing or two
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Awesome video's man. Subscribed! The beautiful thing about video's like yours, is they can be used on other applications as well, and I am a huge fan of DIY projects, and video's like yours definitely give people the confidence that doing it your self, gives the person a great sense of self confidence that is hard to duplicate, and also saves that said person a ton of money. You and I, might look at a car and see nothing more than nuts and bolts, that go in and out, but for the average person, a huge project, even just changing the oil, can in some cases, give someone the feeling that they can't complete it or of the fear of messing something major up. Good Job and keep up the work!!
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thank you for the comments.

im planning on doing some POV driving videos of my car as well as my wife's hybrid. just to keep the videos rolling.

Also in June my wife signed us up for the Ford EcoBoost Challenge so hopefully i can get some driving POV shots when we do that then. hopefully they will let me so i can get some shots of the fiesta ST, focus ST and the ecoboost mustang.
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