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Chatted with a Proceed driver this morning

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Went to my local café to meet my dad for a coffee and noticed a Proceed parked right out front. When the guy went to get in, I popped out and asked about his car and to tell him about the forum. He turned out to be a motoring reviewer. I used to design a few car magazines so we knew some of the same people. Anyhow, said he absolutely loved the car but was bummed that Kia held it back to meet emission standards, etc. Ditto. I knew that Kia had sent their Korean suspension guys out to Australia to tune the suspension for local roads but apparently a major rally car suspension guy (can't remember the name but this reviewer was well impressed) set up the suspension for the Proceed. Later I drove by the car again. I can honestly say I'm glad I have the Koup rather than the Proceed. I much prefer the shape and the performance is pretty much the same. If you like the Forte5 better than the Koup, then the Proceed's for you. Did you guys know Kia built the Forte turbo as a touring car?
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I traded my Koup for a new 5 and I call tell you the new Proceed GT is a dream car.

Yeah, if the hatch shape is your thing, it's killer.
Nice little hatch, they don't sell that over here(I'm in vancouver, bc canada) to bad. I like the forte size tho, Its my family car lol, best of both worlds for me:p
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