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Hey guys,

Can anyone confirm if the CDV (clutch delay valve) on the first gen 5 & 6 speeds are still used on the newer Forte's, specifically the turbo 1.6?

I would assume its a completely different 6 speed on the turbo for this gen, but haven't found any solid evidence. I called a dealer and the tech didn't know what a CDV was Lol...

Anyone know anything about the 6 speeds in the 2015/2016 SX?

Thanks again.

EDIT: Apparently most Kias have this silly thing. Bummer... But on most Kias its also easy to remove! Except the 2.4l where its inside the bell housing.

When I test drove it no matter what I didn't I couldn't get the 1-2 shift right and I was originally blaming the throttle (not myself I'm too perfect :) just kidding) but from what I've read the CDV may be why I found this MT a little quirky.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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