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Car encounters

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See a car you like while you're out?
Have a friend with a nice ride? Or seen a car parked and it made you take a second look?
Snap a picture and post here. Doesn't have to be a forte!

I'll start with this; seen this dodge caliber SRT4 on my lunch break today. Sounded freaking amazing! And looked pretty good too

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Are these your toys?
I got a thumbs up from a guy in a jaguar F type R model coupe at a light.. on Anderson Mill Last night.. I was sitting on a red.. and this orange monster rolls up.. if you have never heard an R f type.. its something.. he yells out to me and says "Nice (Type R)" I'm guessing he though it was a New VW R.. I Yell Out " "Its a KIA Turbo Wagon!!!" He says cool rims.. and then does a Smokey burn out and shoots through the light.. man that car sounds bad ass... ill call that a win..
don't see too much around where im at... but alittle further south in Naples is aston martin, lambo, Ferrari, Bentley's galore
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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