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Bad news

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Well, I was driving to work yesterday morning, and when I was going around a turn, a pretty good sized deer ran out Infront of me. I'm not sure what's wrong with the car, but it's in the shop. I tried to drive it home after the wreck, but once I started it, it cackled and sounds absolutely terrible and would not accelerate over 5MPH with a CEL. I'll let you guys know as soon as I do. The frame may be damaged.. There is crinkling next to my windshield on the metal.


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Ouch. The deer are bad here too. They'll get it fixed.
Damn that sucks man. I hope it gets fixed asap so you can get your baby back
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Total came out to be $8700 worth of damage.
Not bad, huh?
I should have it back sometime this week. They said the parts they had to get were on back order.
OUch dude.

I thought I was looking at my car for a moment there.

Lucky it wasn't K.I.A

I do not have any appropriate words.... Clipped me and took off...
Too bad I got his plate and this video.... Cops caught him and he goes "traffic stopped and a white car rear ended me"
Then the cop asked him why he didn't pull over until they pulled him over 10 miles later....
Definitely proved the worth of the dash cam there.
damn dude good justice with the cam
I would have talked with the cop until he arrested him for leaving the scene of an accident
You were way cooler than I'd have been. There would have been a lot of audio editing after that happened to me

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Wow... Yeah I wouldn't have been that cool.

I too have a dashcam and prepare for something like this to ever happen.

Let us know how it all works out
When I had my Mazda 626, I had a teenager come out of a side street turning right on red, I was in the left lane and she comes ALLLL the way over and pinches me into the left hand curb. She rubs up against my passenger side front fender and then takes off. I get back going again and force her to pull over. She's like, "wut?". I learned plenty of swear words growing up and doing projects with my dad, and I used every single one of them on her! :)
You were way cooler than I'd have been. There would have been a lot of audio editing after that happened to me

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Yeah, I half expected when I played the video back I would have dropped a few f bombs.... Or sped up and forced him over.... Idk why I didn't. But I got his plate and the video etc. The cop was funny, he called me 30 min later and was like "Hey, can you send me the video so I can mail him a few tickets"

Glad this GoPro is paying for itself
The guy has no idea I have the video
The cops where PISSED he lied to them....
Oh, and pencil d!ck... It's silver.... Not white...
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