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Any one see this from Import Shark..

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Jun B.L Exhaust System,

it seems they have a JUN B.L exhaust system for the koupe.. if you think its real .. I have been hit and miss with Import Shark over the years.. but I did get a set Tiburon F2 evolution Wheels from them a few years back.. Any thoughts
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I love the Hot rod Sprit.. but 700 its about the going price for most after market exhaust.. its actually on the cheap side.. build your own.. is always fun too.. just wondering if any one has pulled the trigger..
on that note.. does the Koupe and Wagon share the same exhaust.. i'm guess not.. my guess the mid pip is shorter on the wagon.. any Kia techs know the question to this...?
He is the kia god. He might know....
From what I have seen is that the koup body is longer the the 5. So I am guessing that the rear section where the pipe comes out the muffler you would have to cut a small section out and reweld so it will fit the 5.
I bet that sounds pretty sick..
Nothing beats straight pipe! ;)
Shouldn't this be posted in the exhaust thread
I think the exhaust thread is for the straight pipe guys..... lol
I was just posting that link.. for info.. and I mite pull the trigger on this just to get a run down on how import shark is doing with costumer service.. and maybe write a review.. on the product.. I don't know.. still breaking in the car I'm only at 600 hundred miles.. ..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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