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A bit I would say rigged test (as they test it on the packed snow roads - that is where winter tires shine), but it presents the idea of 4WD vs FWD "safety on winter".

On the other hand, though, a nice, less scientific, one car style (not side-to-side) test without snow.

And my personal take - agree on both of the tests. To the letter.
With an exception - I find all OEM tires (on all cars I had with OEM tires 2009 Hyundai Elantra, 2007 KIA Rondo, 2015 KIA Forte5 SX, 2016 KIA Forte5 SX, and 2016 FIAT 500X AWD) that after a while, maybe about 10k miles, they loose their initial wet grip. They are decent when warm, but any colder and wet - they become very slippery.
So on wet and cold - winters provided much more grip.

What tires I use?
In almost all cars I had General Tire Altimax Arctic (the first version), except FIAT that got Michelin X-Ice 3 due to this one having the right size. Generals did not have it...
Michelin is quieter and wears a bit better.
Other than that - I do not find any difference besides huge improvement on grip from all seasons to winter. As the first test - on snow it is incredibly better.
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