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This is not for everyone unless you have adjustable caster and camber plates

Three weeks ago I had 2 tires and an alignment done and the car just felt really unstable. Today I went back and had them check it again and they came back with "something is bent in your front suspension" both wheels are out of alignment. After some disputing back and forth they finally let me on the computer for the alignment rack and after about 5 minutes I showed them the problem. The latest update (3 weeks ago) for the alignment machines was for 1979 to 2016 and does not include the specs for the '14+ Forte Koup only the 14+ Forte sedan. Did some searching online for a bit and came across the specs and after having the alignment done using the right numbers it was a night and day difference.

Here is the issue for now for anyone looking to keep the mileage warranty on a new set of tires. The store has to have a alignment sheet showing everything within tolerances or the warranty is void and if they do adjust to the specs they have it drives like garbage. So for now they put it all in the green used that file then adjusted everything to the right settings. Even though the numbers don't seem that different it is huge when it comes to how this car handles.

Here are the specs they should be using:

Thanks to Cerato1.6 and

B - A > 0: Toe in (+)
B - A < 0: Toe out (-)
Toe Adjustment
1. Loosen the tie rod end lock nut.
2. Remove the bellows clip to prevent the bellows from being twisted.
3. Adjust the toe by screwing or unscrewing the tie rod. Toe adjustment should be made by turning the right and left tie rods by the same amount.
Total : 0.12°±0.18°
Individual : 0.06°±0.09°
Total : 0.4°±0.2°
Individual : 0.2°±0.1°

4. When completing the toe adjustment, install the bellows clip and tighten the tie rod end lock nut to specified torque.
Tightening torque :
50 ~ 55N.m (5.0 ~ 5.5kgf.m, 36 ~ 40lb-ft)
5. Compensate the steering angle sensor after adjusting the wheel alignment.
(Refer to Steering System - "Steering Column-Shaft")
Camber and Caster
Camber and Caster are pre-set at the factory, so they do not need to be adjusted. If the camber and caster are not within the standard value, replace or repair the damaged parts and then inspect again.
Camber angle
4DR : -0.64°±0.5°
2DR : -0.81°±0.5°
Caster angle
4DR : 4.38°±0.5°
2DR : 4.94°±0.5°

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interesting, its always nice to see when someone knows more than the shop....

have you thought about getting those disc's for the rear camber, i forgot who sells them... maybe pierece?
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