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A recent track review with the Forte 5

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Overall, he was impressed and surprised with the car.. and that was a fully loaded one.

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Saw this yesterday. First time in the car, first time on that track. He sounded pretty happy with the car. I noticed the miles really low on the car also do it was so loosening up. Overall good watch though.

We're there more parts? I had a one track (get it) mind when I watched this :)
This car is surprisingly good! Because of it not being popular at the moment makes it just that much better.. I also love how he called it a sleeper. Because these cars really are!! I love showing people what my koup can do and the look of surprise is priceless.
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Reminds me when I took my 5 on the track. Really good for being stock

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I agree with him on pedal feel and street performance. Brakes are the same as my '12 SX. 11.8 inch front rotors is pretty impressive for a car this size considering my 2001 VW Passat GLX came with 11.3 inch front rotors. One of the first things I did to it was 12.3 inch Audi A8 front rotors with Porsche Boxter calipers. Our SX' brakes saved me from adding to the numbers in a 4 car crash that happened 3 car s in front of me. Was pretty impressed. Pedal feel rivals the best pedal feel of most cars I've owned. A couple of weeks ago, it was at the dealer for front wheel bearings and they gave us a 2015 Corolla S as a loaner. Nice little appliance but two glaring faults. #1 - CVT transmission like all CVTs is horrible to drive. #2 - The brake pedal feels just like the 2008 Corolla I rented in LA in 2008. The first 50% of the pedal travel barely does anything.
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Figured I would add more to this since I have done road course with mine.

When I first got mine onto the track I didn't push it because I didn't know what to expect from it. After my first session out I was impressed and then the next session I pushed harder. Each session out I got quicker and quicker and was amazed with how the brakes held in. At the end of the day though I noticed they were toasted. The rotors looked burnt and I can tell I pushed them to the max or beyond. At the time my car had mostly stock suspension and a rear torsion bar and trunk brace installed with stock tires even. It was amazing that the stock tires were holding up so well. I did get the car to break free in the rear on some corners but it was able to be corrected easy.

I would say that this car is underrated when you read magazines and hear reviews from these big companies. Most are going to be biased because they are expecting a massive power house and a track car out of the box like some of the other cars that are out there.
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He owns a veloster rally I believe and did a review on it . Not as favorable as he is towards the F5SX . I think the choice kia made using a similar or same chassey /wheelbase of the sportage paid off .
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