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Well, found out today that my air conditioning went out. As it was 88 degrees today. So taking it in tomorrow to see what they say. Hope it's not major.
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Sorry to hear. Let us know how the warranty situation works out.
it should be covered.. unless you have a front mount intercooler that rubbed through the ac lines.. that happens all the time on the vt forums
Yeah its covered. The air compressor turned out to be defective. Getting it back tomorrow morning. Was covered under warranty since I haven't gotten any mods yet. All is good now but it's not heard of for it to go bad stock and luckily I got the last one in stock at the Georgia factory.
if you got the last one at the Georgia factory sounds like they are changing a few out. Not to worry the only mod that voids the warranty on the AC compressor is the pulley and it actually voids the warranty on the whole engine, AC, alternator and trans. Everything else has no effect on AC components (unless installed wrong and you break a line).
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