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6th Element Engineering Tuning Development

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Yup, it's happening!

Starting this weekend, we will be starting our tuning development. We are in need of volunteers fairly close to the Savannah, GA area.
Here are some of the stipulations for helping us:

#1 - You need to be able to collaborate with us on a schedule, and be available for several hours on the day (or days) we agree upon for tune development. Using a dyno for a day could be up to 6-8 hours.
#2 - You have a Torque Pro app or similar device for datalogging. We will be requesting datalogs of certain engine parameters at random times for a little while after you leave with a tune, just to make sure everything is working as it should.
#3 - You have the ability to write clear and concise emails/messages when answering any questions. Also, having a better than average understanding of your car and how it behaves while being able to describe that to us regarding changes.
#4 - We COULD be willing to work remotely with someone if they can't make it here, but if this is the case #2 is mandatory with Torque Pro and #3 requires a very strong aptitude and a lot of experience in performance modifications. You also need access to a dyno, and we would take care of that cost for you. You are responsible for showing up there on time and getting the runs done.

With that being said, anyone volunteering their time will be compensated with their final tune, which will truly be custom.
All the data we collect from different individuals will be used to develop the "standard" tunes that will be offered to customers. Not to be confused with anyone else, our nomenclature will be "levels" like Level 0, Level 1, etc.

Custom tunes will be available too, but you would have to be close to Savannah, GA.

So, we are taking volunteers at those different levels of modifications, starting with bone stock, few bolt ons, and guys who have it all. We need all model years to compare files, and both auto/manual transmissions.

Interested, please email BOTH [email protected] AND [email protected].

Please include in the email:

- model year
- list of mods
- transmission type
- your location
- days you have free time
- very brief statement of your time/experience in this hobby

Thanks again for the support!
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Can't wait to see the gains. Good luck. Wish I could help but I can't commit to time with my schedule and kids atm.
Sooo tempting !!
I think the only thing holding me back from doing this would be hotel cost and my girls condition because she's recovering from an accident . Got to look at funds but savanna is 12 hrs from me and I just put in for my vacation for the 18 -22 of Jan
Oh I'm committed lol, 3 hrs away and have 3 weeks vacation to burn.
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Well gas hotel and food budgets covered . Now just seeing what the status with my old lady . Not whipped lol . She's still recovering from an accident
Hotel and food budget? I would sleep in the car and have bread and water before giving up a road trip lol but yes gas money is a must (at least enough to get there and finish the dyno runs).
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Lol I could live on protein shakes and coffee for a week ! It's a far drive but road trips rock ! I'll see by end of week if I email them or not
My email was sent at 8:30am lol
I'll have to add once I get an automatic transmission car, I'll be good to go, so it's really just the first auto person to get with me, and it looks like it might just be playwithmymind lol

Unless someone else closer than 3 hrs away pops up! lol
14 hrs... lmaoo :( :( :(
24 hours away..... If I didn't have to cross the border I would SO be down for this!!
Your A/T just emailed, but he probably won't drive to Savanna GA
How's this going by the way?

Any updates? :)
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I am finally starting to have time to start this.

My current roadblock is fixturing some touch probes to connect to the ecu, going to have to build a rig. Hoping to start reading my ECU this week and schedule dyno time to start testing things out.
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You: "wifey/significant other, I need a dyno, so please buy me one. Thank you"
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How's it looking on this?

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Slowly but surely. I'm fihgting some software gremlins at the moment. I'll have a solid update in the next week or two, hopefully with some preliminary dyno results.
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Definitely eager to see how it looks :)

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Definitely eager to see how it looks :)

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I cant wait to see either
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