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There might not be an automaker this side of Hyundai more frequently — and maybe even unfairly — subjected to retrospective reviews than its sister brand, Kia.

You know the ones. They start by reflecting on how awful, say, the original Kia Sephia was before moving on to marvel at the likes of the current Forte and just how far the brand has come. Of course, that amazement at the automaker’s rapid ascent from unknown commodity to undisputed contender is justified. After all, Kia has come a long way in its two decades or so on the market here. And there’s no better example of that growth than the 2017 Kia Sportage.

Originally launched as the brand’s second model on the North American market, the Sportage — yes, the one that starred in those awful commercials set down on the bayou — has stood the test of time like no other model in Kia’s lineup. In fact, as far as compact crossovers go the Sportage is among the longest-tenured nameplates on the market.
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