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i recently bought a 17 forte5sx im in search of aftermarket parts dealers brands ect tuning softrware i just recently converted from honda i liked the kia looks so i wanted to try something new and i can not find any aftermarket brands or parts for my car if someone could help that would be much apreciated and also is there any body codes you guys call these cars thanks

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What is your location?

As for the parts, many will fit from 2014-2016 model. Body not so many, but engine, suspension yes. Transmission, if yours is DCT, is a new thing for this model. MT is same as previous years.

so, try here
SXTH Element Engineering

others are
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and I guess a few more that I cannot think of now.

And I must add - if you were looking for OEM floor mats or wheel locks - let me know.
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