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Hello, I currently have a 2016 Kia Forte5 sx and am having issues with a P0301 misfire code. I put new spark plugs in after the misfire started and this did not help. I then put a new coil pack on cylinder one but this did not help either. I swapped coils and the misfire did not move. What I did notice on the coil i pulled from cylinder one originally is that it seemed to be melted on the side and smelled like burnt plastic. I tested all cylinders for spark with a spark tester and it flashed on all cylinders except #1 and even swapped coils from #2 to #1 and still no flashing on the tester for #1. This leads me to believe something is causing there to be no power sent to #1. Not sure if anyone has insight on if it could be wires, sensors, ecu etc but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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