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2016 Ford Focus RS AWD, watch out STI and EVO....

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Just seen this link on FB, 2016 Ford Focus RS: This Is Your 320-HP, AWD Monster Hatch From Ford
Never have been much of a Ford fan but wow... would be a fun car.
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I think the papers said it rite.. its going to compete with the gulf R. . ill test drive one soon to see if its all good.. I just have this feeing at least here in the states that ford.. is going to protect its mustang just like Gm protects the Corvette.. they are either going to keep it slower than a gt or price that thing super hi.. most likely both.. I hope not.. its good to see a new player now that the evo is going away.. I hope they make this thing as powerful as the CLA45amg.. then we should have a great car..

if they put a crappy verison my ford touch in that thing like the focus st and fiesta st... I don't car how fast it is.. no deal
Such an awesome car. Nothing else needs to be said.
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