Recently i purchased a Turbo XS Blow Off Valve kit from "Torque Motorsports". I read that this kit is right bolt on to the intercooler. As soon as i got the kit i installed it, the BOV fits but its a Little too high and big and hitting my hood latch cable Brackets. The screws that come with the kit was too short so i use the stock screw and barely tighten the BOV. After installing everthing i could not put on my holding Bracket for the intercooler it would not line up the screw holes cause how the XS BOV wouldn't sit flush like the OEM BOV and like i said it hit the latch hood cable brackets So i just decided to ditch the Intercooler holding Brackets and leave it as it sit. Overall after the installed i test it out it was okay the XS BOV is not that Loud but better than stock. Does anyone have this same problems like me ? Let me know about it how your went and the installation?