I know that I have been posting quite a bit of tuning events in here. I am constantly getting PM's, phone calls, and Emails asking if we will be coming to XX location.

Well, Tork Motorsports is hitting the road!

Now is your chance for us to come to you, this will allow for you to get a custom dyno tune without making a trip to us. We do need 10 people confirmed before dates will be set, so this is similar to the past, some of you may be familiar with how this works, others may be new, so in order to keep everyone up to date...

We will travel to any location in the 50 states in order to tune you guys, Our goal is to ensure you have the best tune that money can buy, and get a chance to get to know all of us! We are taking payments for tuning events now directly on our website, this makes things much easier, no invoices will need to be sent, no E-mails, all you need to do is put in the comments box what tuning event you would like to attend!

A minimum deposit of $250 for a Stage 1 tune is needed to confirm your slot, now as there has been some confusion in the past as to what will happen with this money, if you make a payment towards a tuning event and it never comes to fruition due to not enough people confirming you will be issues a refund, or you can use the money you have already paid as a credit for parts or tuning. The only time you will not receive a refund is if the tuning event come around, we are there tuning cars and you do not attend, that being said, if you give us a call and let us know that is different, we understand that things come up, and you will not be out your money because of that, but if you just do not show up and don't hear from you, that is when your deposit or tuning money will be forfeited. You can choose any tune and any tuning options. Dyno fees will be paid by the person being tuned directly to the shop that we are using for tuning.

We are looking forward to getting out, meeting everyone, and tuning everyone. We will also be doing bench flashing if you would like to do that instead! This thread will be for discussing locations if they have not already been posted, as well as asking questions if any of you have any! If I missed anything please feel free to let me know!