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Sxth has new headers turbo manifolds

Thread: Sxth has new headers turbo manifolds

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  1. Forte5GT said:

    Sxth has new headers turbo manifolds

    Checked their Facebook on a unrelated concern and saw they are developing a turbo manifold for the 1.6t platform. Mentioned something about having the turbo come with the kit. Looks very shiny and exciting.

    That is as one of the first thing I looked at when I got the car because it seems everyone from domestics to civics were replacing their own ones with aftermarket ones. I guess it works like the exhaust, wider diameter the better efficiency and more power.
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  2. PLP's Avatar

    PLP said:
    Shiny? Nice... but it would be hidden in the back anyway. No one will even see it. Stock turbo is hard to spot, unless you really look down there.

    I can agree to more power, but I would expect much of efficiency. This car sucks in fuel economy. Mainly the AT one. 2015 MT averaged near 32 mpg, while 2016 AT gets about 22 mpg (US).

    Tune may help more than other parts.
    The worst sucker of power it TC. Especially on cold. It will allow tranny/engine to rev high on rich mixture, until reaching about 40 C - 50 C when TC will finally start locking up.

    But it is nice to know there is still some development in this area.

    I just wish KIA was more like, say VW. Keep same engine for years (I mean the 2.0 T) and use it across many models without significant modifications.
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