I love your Forte5. It's tastefully modified and beautifully detailed! You mention it's your second car. My current car is a 2019 Forte5 SX and it's my 47th car. (I suspect we're a bit different in age.) My previous car was a 2014 Forte5 SX so you can see how much I love these cars. All my life I have driven small, nimble and quick cars and the Forte5s certainly fit the pattern.

I live in Port Dover, not that far from KW. If you're ever come down this way for a drive (and some perch) let me know and we can spend some time chatting about our cars. My car is dead stock and will probably remain so until the warranty runs out a couple of years from now. Still, I like the notion of changing the exhaust to something sportier so for that reason I'd love to hear your exhaust.

I noticed a mention of possibly getting Forte5s together for a tour. I can tell you that the roads along the shore of Lake Erie, between Port Dover and Port Rowan, are fantastic.