I can do highway, say 200 miles round trip and get about 30 mpg when doing 65-70 mph (cluster shows 33 mpg, but it is always too optimistic).
The 2015 MT would return on the same trip 35 mpg (calculated)... so here you have it. AT has much more resistance.

Yes, I noticed that most of the dual clutch transmissions have the problem of the initial take off. It seems that you should either simply let off the brake and let it engage and then push the gas or go WOT right away. I would be OK with that. AT is quite good, MT was maybe a bit better, but AT allows for some boost build, better than MT. Yet still, I do not quite care for the initial pick up (in certain situations it is needed, but those are very seldom). I am more in gears themselves and the shifts/TC issue.

I have my ups and downs in this matter. Some days I want to switch, some other - no, not really...

Thanks for your input.

Maybe I will wait till the hybrid GTI comes out? Always wanted to quietly pull out from the garage without leaving the smelly exhaust fumes that are very nasty during cold start.